Clear Globe String Lights-Indoor & Outdoor Review

Clear Globe String Lights-Indoor & Outdoor Review
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Clear Globe String Lights-Indoor & Outdoor Lights #brillantelights

Price: $26.00

Where to Purchase: THEIR WEBSITE

Today I am bringing you from Brillante Lights, their set of 25 Clear Globe String Lights and they are 25 feet long and they are beautiful! Brillante Lights sent me their Clear Globe String Lights for testing purposes and for my honest review on my blog, and I think they are absolutely stunning and they looked great at night just plugged in and tacked up on the wall just to see how they would look! I can’t wait for Christmas!! I can’t wait to see what they looked like on my tree! I would definitely love a couple more sets to fill my whole tree at least once!

Clear Globe String Lights-Indoor & Outdoor String Lights – Add a Warm Glow to Your Patio, Wedding, Party or Bedroom – 25 Incandescent Bulbs Per Set

Use a set of Brillante Clear Globe String Lights to:

-Decorate your patio, deck or pergola
-Hang at Christmas-time
-Provide pleasant lighting for your wedding reception
-String around an arbor or al fresco cafe dining area
-Create a warm, welcoming indoor environment (living room, bedroom etc)


Here’s what they say about their product “

Looking for a great set of globe-style string lights for your wedding, party decorating or your bedroom? Add a warm inviting ambiance with this set of Brillanteā„¢ brand string lights.


Benefits include:

  • Warm & naturally inviting light – Incandescent G40 bulbs give off a warm, pleasing light in comparison to LED lights
  • Expandability – You can connect up to 2 sets end-to-end
  • Safety – UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Reliable – If one bulb burns out the rest of the string remains lit (an extra fuse included in the plug housing)


  • Total length: 25 feet
  • Lighted length: 24 feet
  • 6+ inch lead with male plug
  • 12 inch spacing between bulbs
  • 6+ inch tail with female connector
  • G40 bulb diameter: 1.5 inches
  • E12 candlebra socket base
  • Green wire
  • Model: BR25S-G40E12″

The Clear Globe String Lights are very beautiful and give a bright but very soft light and I highly recommend these, plus the big globes are awesome!! Thank you for reading my review and i hope you will join me for my next one!






I received this product in exchange for my honest review and I only recommend products i will personally use myself.

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