Crowdtap……The Benefits!!!

So….what are the benefits of Crowdtap?
There are many name brand companies that work with Crowdtap. So, Crowdtap gets these companies to gives us free products and are job is to try it and promote it, by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, with your review if their product, and write a blog post for bonus points if you have one. I’ll get to the points in a minute!
So what you do is Crowdtap will give you questions, surveys, and they will put you in Crowds which is the companies. Here’s a video I did for the Cottonelle Crowd I have quite a few videos on there for Crowdtap stuff I’ve gotten for free!! Check them out!!
So for every question, survey, mission, text challenge, picture comment you earn points. At the end of the month if you are in the Top 100, you earn bonus points and you earn stars. Stars just make you more noticeable to Crowdtap.
Here’s mine, I’ve been a member since 2011. Oh and looking at that, you also pick a foundation that they donate money to on your behalf! So better numbers, more missions!!
Ok so the best part, the points and prizes! So the more active you are, the more points your earn, the more entries you earn into the pot! At the end of the month, they draw names for every crowd and they give so many gift cards away. I have earned hundreds so far this year. In February, I won a $100 amazon card. Every month I have atleast won a $5.00 Giftcard. I think in April I won $75 total in gift cards. But here’s for the month of June!
I won 5 prizes!! 2 were Top Awards!! So I received (3) of the gift cards but there was a problem with the Top Award Giftcards so those haven’t been sent yet, but they are on top of it!! This is the First time this has ever happened!! Here’s my prizes!!
Yep, and that’s how I got my (24) Crates from Walmart for $7.38!! But technically, I got them for free, because I used my free Giftcard I won from Crowdtap!! Go check my Facebook page for that story!!
Don’t forget to like my page!!
Here’s the link to join Crowdtap and sign in with your Facebook!! It’s the easiest way!! Then your already linked up. Then link with Twitter and your ready to start getting placed in crowds and start earning free stuff!! Have fun!! And stay active!!
I also have a Giveaway going on right now for a free $75.00 bottle Le Deessa Face Serum!! I just got it!! It’s awesome!! If your mobile, it’s below, if your on web it’s to the right!! Go enter. There’s 3 Winners and 4 easy ways for entries into the giveaway!! The product will get shipped to you right from the company itself!! Ends in 15 days!! Good Luck!!!


  1. Great post! I just joined this past month and already have won a Amazon card! Not sure how much it is for yet as I am still waiting on the code but wow that was easy! Also got my first top 100 already! Just wondering though, if you know, how long does it take for my profile photo to populate? Right now I am a square with a ? in it. Thanks!

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